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Amounts in euros, calculated at constant prices, so that taxes and other taxes in force at the date of billing (if applicable) must be added.

Initial one-time actions
Adjudication - 50% + Conclusion - 50%
Continuity actions (covenant)
Until the 5th day of each month 


- The execution period will be calculated after analysis of the final structure intended for the project and will assume that the evaluation and approval stages will have the necessary follow-up by the client, as well as that all the elements and information necessary for the analysis of the projects are provided in time to Luís Seno Design.

- The deadlines also assume that the current account is duly regularized.

- All contents made available by the client for the execution of the work inherent to this budget are the property of the client.

- All data, documents, methodology and other information that have been provided before or during the term of this agreement and which are not in the public domain shall be considered confidential by any of the parties. 

- This information may not be disclosed to any person or entity by any of the Grantors, except its own employees and only to the extent that such disclosure is necessary for the correct performance of the contract.

- The obligation of confidentiality referred to in the previous paragraph will continue even after the termination of this contract.

- Expenditure on travel, travel and stays, third party rights, such as the licensing of images or text sources, or costs of production of autonomous works are not included.

- Luís Seno Design reserves the right to sign and publish information in its portfolio, regarding the supports developed.

- Updates and maintenance after completion of the budgeted work, not included in the contracted solution, will be subject to additional billing according to the current table, with prior notification.
- when you send a message or email and perform a service with Luis Seno Design you agree that you read and agreed with the Terms And Conditions and Privacy Policy and you declare that you have read the information that is required in accordance with Article 13 Of GDPR.

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