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Legal Disclaimer

Luis Seno Design, reserves the right at any time without notice to change the terms of conditions.

Luis Seno Design assumes no legal responsibility for information given by another source of information disclosed to which the publisher is not Luis Seno Design, any information that is not provided by Luis Seno Design will not be considered valid and we do not take any responsibility on situations, to which it does not author of content, any page outside the site referenced or used as links to other sources.

Any service of Luis Seno Design can only be used within the legal purposes and any service that is performed, the customer is responsible for all the material provided to Luis Seno Design, any material that we have access to under the service agreements will be erased to the end of the work delivered.


All works developed by Luis Seno Design just can be used for legal purposes, any use of not legal from the  work developed by us you obliged to indemnize Luis Seno Design for the improper use of the works that we develop, and we are not responsible for any act after delivering the work developed.

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