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Product Design

Composed of solid structures and composed with a pouch to facilitate transport.Equipped with a spring mechanism that makes its installation easy and instant.

Roll Ups

Criation , Design and Printing
  • Economic
  • Normal
  • Classic
  • 2 front and back tarpaulins
  • Deluxe
  • XXL

Product Design

Digital print with customizable cut on white base, transparent and tinted.Three-dimensional effects of the resin to add thickness to the brand or product itself.

Resin stickers

Criation , Design and Printing
  • 150 units
  • 300 units
  • 500 units
  • 1000 units
  • 2500 units

Product Design

Die-cut adhesives resistant to water, heat and scratches,round-square-rectangular or custom cut

Die cut stickers

Criation , Design and Printing
  • small quantities
  • large quantities

Product Design

Pop-up displays ideal for the use of fabrics composed of a sturdy and extra light aluminum structure, easy to assemble and with a carrying bag

Pop-Up Advertising Wall

Criation , Design and Printing
  • Dimensions
  • 239.05x228.05x29.05
  • Packaging Dimensions
  • 90cmx44cmx44cm
  • 14kg

Product Design

Coil stickers available in various formats depending on the purpose of use. Choose the format and personalize your products.

Bobbin stickers

Criation , Design and Printing
  • Small to
  • large quantities

Product Design

Papers with mesh and special finishes and finishes, ideal for customizing bottles, withstands moisture and stains.

bottles jars

Criation , Design and Printing
  • Small to
  • large quantities

Product Design

Flyers and brochures holder ideal for placing in exhibition places where you can present your flyers or brochures in an elegant way

Secretary Displays

Criation , Design and Printing
  • Available
  • A5 - A4 - A3
  • Packs with 10
  • Packs with 20
  • Packs with 30
  • Packs with 40
  • Packs with 50

Product Design

Composed of two Aluminum Rods and a FOREX front panel. Possibility to have the design and printing developed only in advertising areas.

Advertising Counters

Criation , Design and Printing
  • Fully customizable

Product Design

4 entrance mat formats with non-slip edges, for indoor use

Carpets for companies

Criation , Design and Printing
  • 85x60 cm
  • 120x85 cm
  • 150x100 cm
  • 200x150 cm

Product Design

4-sided display available in PVC Easy assembly thanks to strips of adhesive tape double-sided or white rivets. Mounting: through strips of tape double-sided adhesive (Standard) or white rivets

Totem 3/4 sides XL

Criation , Design and Printing
  • Weight: Standard 3,42 kg - Premium 5,13 kg
  • Dimension: 70x200x70 cm
  • Available with 3 or 4 sides

Product Design

Printed on nautical windscreen, ideas for the door of the establishment or fairs, available in various formats and with carrying bag

Advertising Flags

Criation , Design and Printing
  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • XL

Product Design

PVC wallpaper for easy application and removal. Scratch resistant

custom wallpaper

Criation , Design and Printing
  • Fire resistant EN 13501-1, C - S1, D0
  • {DIN 4102-1, B1}
  • great for signal businesses

Product Design

Montana sailor bag. Sailor bag with adjustable shoulder strap and drawstring closure. 600D Polyester.

Sailor Bag Montana

Criation , Design and Printing
  • Sailor Bag Montana
  • Criation, Design and Printing
  • Print with 220x250mm
  • black
  • White
  • Navy blue
  • Red
  • Royal blue
  • Apple green
  • Orange

Product Design

Made of cotton or TNT, the cloth corded bags have a cord closure that makes them perfect for storing and transporting your products. Available in five different colors and three different colors, printing

Drawstring bags

Criation , Design and Printing
  • XS 10x1S cm
  • S 15x20 cm
  • M 20x30 cm
  • L 30x40 cm
  • XL 40x 50 cm

Product Design

Plastic ballpoint pen with spring mechanism.

Bic® ballpoint pen

Criation , Design and Printing
  • screen printing 1/2 colors
  • Screen printing 1 color
  • White black
  • Red Blue
  • Gray / Navy Blue
  • Anthracite Gray / Transparent
  • Light Blue / Violet
  • Apple Green / Yellow

Product Design

Plastic ballpoint pen with spring mechanism and soft handle

Nash Plastic Ballpoint Pen

Criation , Design and Printing
  • 1 or 2 color pad printing
  • 60x6 mm
  • Digital four-color
  • 60x8 mm
  • Red Green
  • Orange / Silver
  • Black Blue
  • Yellow / Violet
  • Fluorescent rose
  • Apple green

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