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Luis Seno Design

How can you contact us?

You can contact us by direct phone mail or send a budget request on the website, the time of answer always walks within 24 hours.



Formulario de contacto: http://www.luissenodesign.com/index.php/en/contact

Where can i find Luis Seno Design?
The work of Luis Seno Design is legal?
Where we work with free delivery of print artics?
Licences and authorization
How can be used the works developed by Luis Seno Design
Do I have to sign contracts?

--- FAQ ---

Presentation of proposals and how we act.

When asking us to develop your website, after giving us the information of your area of activity or  the professional area, we present 3 to 4 website proposals where you can learn in demo version how the development of your website layout will be.(These proposals will only be submitted after the  contract adjudication has been signed and the respective conditions of the contract fulfilled)
Knowing beforehand the presentation of texts photos, videos and forms so you can program the creation of texts propitiates to each situation or each service, knowing in advance how it will be arranged on the website and what effects it may have of presentation, so you can prepare all the contents for the elaboration of your website for your activity.

Criation of videomarketing

When asking us to develop a video whether it is a presentation of companies, institutions, services or products or even events, the productions contain the rights to be able to use them commercially or in business presentations or at fairs, social networks or even in other media. When we develop a video when editing with us, you are already making videos with audiovisual rights.

Development Graphic Design

 When we develop a graphic design work, over 50 € we always develop 2 to 3 proposals for customers to choose or mix ideas, the prices given already contain the elaboration of the proposals.

If it is a work with less value the creation will be unique, if you ask us to develop a business card design but make the impression with us we always present more than one proposal.

So it works for all graphic design work with or without printing.

Delivery with or without urgency


We deliver your material in Portugal to an address of your choice free of charge in a period of 9 to 10 working days at no additional cost.

You can also have your material printed urgently, it will be produced and delivered free of charge within 48 to 72 hours with additional production costs.

We deliver your material via carrier after production you will receive a message from the carrier informing the day that your goods will be delivered.



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